We would like to thank all our customers for their support and patronage through this unprecedented time. We will continue to provide fresh, quality food items to meet your needs.

Traditional holidays brings a high demand for catering services. To help us to best serve our customers, please call with your catering orders as early as possible, so we can ensure you will be providing a COVID-19 compliant presentation.

Corporate, medical and personal home catering have similar protocols but there are differences that need to be adhered to. Let us help ensure a safe and inviting menu is provided for you and your guests so everyone can enjoy the festivities.

Too many times we have seen food in open containers or traditional platters being thrown away because guests were not comfortable with serving themselves from shared containers.

Please call us at 631-403-4249. We can help you to put together a menu to suit your needs and ensure your guests will be comfortable, feel safe, and enjoy a delicious holiday meal.